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Projects and Services

We Serve:

  • For and Not-For-Profit Businesses

  • Community Organizations

  • Public Health Care

  • Individuals and Families



How Do We Help?
  • Clarify organizational, team, and individual priorities, values, and strengths.
  • Create simple, innovative projects and training opportunities people can get excited about.
  • Integrate data and responsible research methods.
  • Identify and influence "upstream" factors; creating a broader and more sustainable impact.
  • Meeting Facilitation
    • Team Building
    • Goal Setting
    • Group Problem-Solving
    • Innovations and Incubators
  • Strategic Planning
    • Organizational Development and Consulting
    • Pilot Projects Design, Proof-of-Concept
    • Partnership and Collaboration
  • Project Design/Evaluation
  • Projects and Performance measures designed to exceed deliverables with higher fidelity
  • Authentic and Data-Driven Visual Campaigns and Communications
    • Report writing
    • Poster design and editing
  • Stress Management and Health Behavior Change Programs
    • Problem-Solving
    • Creativity
    • Implementation and Solution-focus
    • Positive Psychology


  • Project-based
  • Outcome-based
  • Hour-by-Hour
  • Flexible pricing for non-profits
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