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SPM Research and Consulting

Projects and Services

Grants and Proposal Development​​

    • Grant writing​ at local, state, and national level
    • Building relationships with funders and community partners
    • Identifying, researching, and vetting funding opportunities
    • Managing grant deadlines and deliverables
    • Budgets and budget narratives
    • Writing and designing reports
    • Guiding program staff and leadership in project design and developing measurable goals and objectives

  • Meeting Facilitation

    • Team Building

    • Goal Setting

    • Group Problem-Solving

    • Innovations and Incubators


  • Strategic Planning

    • Organizational Development and Consulting

    • Pilot Projects Design, Proof-of-Concept

    • Partnership and Collaboration

  • Data-Driven Text and Visual Communications

    • Report writing

    • Poster design and editing

    • Infographics


  • Health Education and Health Behavior Change Programs

    • Chronic disease prevention

    • Physical and mental health

    • Problem-Solving

    • Creativity

    • Positive Psychology


  • Project-based
  • Retainer
  • Hour-by-Hour
  • Flexible pricing for non-profits
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