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"We need to build and improve public health and medical solutions, not only with research and technology, but with passion, enthusiasm, and a sense of service".
Meet CEO and Founder:
Sean McCormick, MS, PhD, CTTS-M
Sean brings excitement and passion to Public Health and Science. Sean has worked with a wide variety of health care, public health, behavioral health institutions, in for and non-profit organizations. He brings a keen eye to strategy, program design, evaluation, resource management, statistics and potential for data-driven solutions. Sean aims to increase the impact of health and public health programs by leveraging the strengths of people, staff, and resources. Sean can bring the insight and know how to bring new ideas to fruition in a realistic and sustainable fashion; using technology-driven solutions where appropriate (e.g. data collection tools, database development, web page and mobile application solutions). 
Sean earned a PhD in Public Health from Temple University, a Master of Science in Psychology from Drexel University. For more, visit Sean's LinkedIn profile.
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