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Can we help you?

SPM serves businesses and community organizations focusing on social innovations, public health, education, and resilience.

Why is our work important?

Having an outside perspective, (ie meeting facilitation) is part of best-practices for successful meetings and strategic planning. Organizations can always benefit from fresh energy. Getting the most out of your teams' perspectives, talents, creativity, and knowledge can be challenging but is critical to organizational and staff development.

How do we do it? What's the one thing we do better than anyone else?

SPM synthesizes strategic planning, organizational development, and energized meeting facilitation to create goals and projects that people can get excited about. We believe "pleasure puts perfection in the work" and that we can help you and your staff grow even more excited about what you do. We want to learn more about your organization! Please contact us.


“Dr. McCormick is an excellent trainer who facilitates learning and encourages audience participation. His presentations incorporate current research, best practices, and strategies for implementation. His personable style and ease of engaging large audiences in the learning process distinguish him as an exceptional educator.” - Karen Kern, Vice President, Penn Foundation

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