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SPM Research and Consulting
Sean P. McCormick, PhD, MS, CTTS-M
Philadelphia Metro Area/online
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We Serve:

  • Non-Profit and For-Profit Businesses

  • Public Health, Social Service, and Community Organizations

  • Individuals and Families



Core Areas: ​​
  • Psychology, Behavior Change
  • Public Health, Translational Research
  • Biostatistics, Epidemiology
  • Clinical and Workflow Design
  • Health Care Policy
  • Wellness, Stress Management
  • Person-focused Design
  • Engagement: Community-based and Digital
What do we do? How can we help you?
  • Meeting facilitation and strategic planning 
  • Organizational and staff development
  • Performance, metrics, outcomes, database and survey design
  • Health education and professional training design
  • Aim "upstream"; creating a broader and more sustainable impact
  • Media, outreach, art, social media, and image/brand consulting
  • Research and writing collaborations