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Meeting Facilitation

Organizational Development

Public Speaking and Professional Training

Project and Research Design


SPM Research and Consulting works with small, mid-sized, and large for and not-for profit businesses and community-based organizations primarily focused on health care, public health, social and behavioral science, psychology and mental health, and social services.

Why is our work important?

Having an outside perspective, (ie meeting facilitation) is part of best-practices for successful meetings and strategic planning. Organizations can always benefit from fresh energy. Getting the most out of your teams' perspectives, talents, creativity, and knowledge can be challenging but is critical to organizational and staff development.

How can SPM help your agency?

SPM synthesizes strategic planning, organizational development, and energized meeting facilitation to create exciting goals and projects. We believe "pleasure puts perfection in the work" and that we can help you and your staff become even more excited about what you do. We want to learn more about your work! 

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